Cardiff Half Marathon 2012

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Tony Beech, Donna Short and Friends from D.S. Smith Recycling, ran the Cardiff Half Marathon on 14th October 2012 to raise funds for the Charity on behalf of Tony's son Charlie and for other children suffering from Short Bowel Syndrome.

Fundraiser: DS Smith Recycling Team - Tony Beech & Donna Short

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"This specific charity is very close to our hearts, family members of our team have been affected by SBS in a life changing way, so we would appreciate any size of donation. It will all help in our aim to raise awareness of a relatively uncommon but recognised condition. If we can raise the profile of the charity and help support families affected by SBS then we have completed the mission we set out to achieve, please remember all donations count!!"

Tony, Donna and the team at DS Smith Recycling

"On behalf of Short Bowel Survivor and Friends I would like to thank Tony, Donna and the Team from D.S. Smith Recycling for the magnificent effort in raising £4,895.50 and thank you to all those people who sponsored them."

Mary Foss (Chairman)

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