Advice on Benefits or Citizens Advice
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Bladder and Bowel Community

For lots of help and information an continency and for a ' Just can't wait' card which can help get access to toilets not usually open to the public.


Help and information for families with babies born too soon, or too sick.

Family Fund


Are the UK’s largest provider of grants to low-income families raising disabled and seriously ill children and young people.

For Free From Foods


Recipes and ideas for foods your child may want to try (always check recipes with your dietion first)

Sore Bottoms due to incontinence


Try 'Proshield' foaming cleansing spray and protective cream.

For Suppliers of Parenteral Nutrition and Equipment(Giving sets)


Tel: 0800 121 8300

For suppliers of all milk products and medical equipment.


Tel: 0808 100 1990

Finding it difficult to cope?


In need of respite care? Contact you Family Support Worker or the Hospital and ask to be refered to your local children's hospice like Derian House. A hospice can offer short-term care while you take time to catch your breath! 


For more information see:


or for support at home contact: Rainbow Trust Unit 9, Building 9 Tameside.

Gluten-Free Diets


Information on a range of gluten-free products and advice is available from: JUVELA and includes a complete prescription range for varied and enjoyable gluten-free diets. Contacts for them below:


Freephone: 0800 783 1992



Write to: 19 De Havilland Drive, Liverpool L24 8RN