Here at 'Short Bowel Survivors and Friends', you will find information and support for parents, families, and carers of children with Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS)

The site aims to provide you with information on: 

  • the main causes of Short Bowel in children 

  • the treatments available

  • surgery 

  • the after care and support that is available

  • professional information on nutrition and TPN

  • the importance of play therapy

  • the psychological effects of SBS.


You can also read the stories and experiences of other parents and families coping with S.B.S.



Our mission is not only to support families who have endured SBS but to raise awareness of Short Bowel Syndrome throughout the UK and ensure up-to-date reliable information is available for everyone to access.

Through fundraising and public donation, our long term aim is to provide, where needed, some financial support to families with children suffering from SBS. This could be in the form of a grant for small items of equipment, materials, or clothing. These small grants could make a Big difference to families with small babies and children with SBS, particularly those needing long term hospitalisation, following major surgery.

When funds allow, we also intend to support research into better treatments for children suffering Ultra-Short Bowel Syndrome which hopefully will alleviate the need for bowel transplants in the future.


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