Short Bowel Survivor & Friends


Jennifer Kingston and Megan Cook ran the Manchester Marathon on Sunday 29th April 2012... in the cold wind and pouring rain, for children with Short Bowel Syndrome - Please support their efforts by donating here....

Unfortunately Alex Phillips injured her knee whilst

training and had to withdraw. Luckily Megan Cook was willing to take her place.

Throughout their training they have endured below zero temperatures, recurring knee injuries and lots and lots of mud so please lend them your support and sponsor their efforts by donating to the Charity.

They took their training really seriously regularly running up to 40k and gradually building up the distance so as to be able to run the 26 miles needed to complete the marathon.

 Jennifer and Megan proudly Jennifer with Dannielle.
 showing of their medals.

  Replacing all that lost energy
  with pizza at Dukes 92 Castlefield.
  What STARS Well done!!
 you can still sponsor them on line at:

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Registered with:
The Charities Commission for England and Wales

Registration Number: 1149354